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Genre: Crime Documentary
Stars: -
Series Plot: Documentary exploring some of the most complex criminal investigations in Scotland.


Title: The Disappearance of Julie Reilly
Airdate: 2019-06-04
Episode plot: With unparalleled and intimate access to Police Scotland’s major investigations team (MITs), this new three-part series goes behind the scenes on some of the most complex murder and large-scale criminal investigations in Scotland.

Filmed over the course of 18 months by Bafta award-winning film-maker Matt Pinder, this important and timely documentary series shines a light on the vital work of the MITs and their dogmatic pursuit of justice. Gaining unprecedented access to the Glasgow-based unit, who investigate some of the most serious and violent crimes in the country, this series is on the shoulder of this extraordinary group of detectives on two investigations as they embark on manhunts, forensically examine evidence, deliver the painful news to the victim’s families to tackle the crimes that carry the toughest sentences.

By living in the moment of what the detectives see and experience, Murder Case gives viewers a visceral account of their work. From the crime scene through to the arrest, interviewing and charging of a suspect to give a minute by minute account as they try to unravel the most appalling crimes in dramatic real time.
Murder Case gives a unique insight into the work of Police Scotland’s major investigations team as they look to maintain their exceptional track record in solving murders and complex criminal investigations in Scotland.

This episode investigates the disappearance of Julie Reilly, a 47-year-old mother of one who was reported missing in March 2018. After an extensive four-week-long search fails to find her, the skilled investigators of Police Scotland’s major investigations team take up the case. A set of suspicious circumstances and a horrific forensic discovery lead them to a suspect. The detectives now need to find Julie’s body and gather enough evidence to charge and ultimately convict him.


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